Riempitrice polveri cosmetici
16 Feb 2018 9:29 AM
  • Technologies

At first they were six sides. Then, for technical reasons, they have become eight. But the initial idea remains the same: to reproduce the rationality and beauty enclosed in the cell of a hive to solve an innovative technological challenge.

Octagon is a new filling machine specifically designed for cosmetics. It has been designed by the Engineering Zeta Farmaceutici department and realized thanks to the partnership with ATS Group, a Milanese company specialized in the production of fillers and cappers.

The challenge for our designers was twofold. The most demanding: combining productive flexibility and space optimization, minimizing the overall size. The most fascinating: giving value also to the aesthetic side, with an original proof of industrial design.

The result is a truly unique machine in the world of fillers. From all points of view. It allows you to work with all the flexibility required by cosmetics, it is managed in a practical and intuitive way, has a pleasant aesthetic appeal, with a strong industrial mark.

The starting idea takes its cue from the cell of a beehive. A little bit to recall the laboriousness of bees and the perfect shape of the cell, but above all to rationalize the size, without losing processing capacity. Afterwards, the hexagonal structure has become octagonal to further improve the functionality of the machine.

We are particularly proud of the fact that Octagon has been developed internally by the Engineering Zeta Farmaceutici department. Technicians and designers have put heart and enthusiasm into this work. And, above all, new ideas. Once again, all the qualities of the Zeta Farmaceutici staff have emerged. Our employees are committed every day to improving, to concretely experimenting new ways of innovation in products and technologies.

A commitment that stems from a real teamwork, a frank and constructive collaboration of technicians, designers, operating personnel. Octagon too, in fact, is not only the result of theoretical design work, but of a continuous comparison with the practical requirements of production, with the experience of those who use the machines every day.


The starting idea.


The CAD project.



From design to prototype: 3D printing.



Enthusiasm and new ideas: the Octagon project team. 

from left to right: Mattia  Scurati (ATS), Dario Franzoni (ATS), Gianni Donà, Tamara Chemello, Davide Pedon, Antonello Savio, Michele Dani, Tiziano Savio (Zeta Farmaceutici), Nazario Serra ( ATS), Francesco Segala (Zeta Farmaceutici).