You can do business in many ways.
We think business needs responsible choices, in accordance with the following guidelines.

The Client

At the centre of our world

Client satisfaction is central to our policy and company organisation.

All clients deserve the same attention and proper service, always.

The client’s success is our success.


Manufacturing the best – every day

For us, quality is not an abstract concept. It is real value added to the product.

We produce it every day, in every moment, in every department, in every phase of the industrial process.

It is the “perceived quality”, right for the product and for the requirements of the client and end consumer.

It always conforms to all health standards for the sector.

It is a system under continuous improvement, to produce quality that always meets market expectations, in a complex system of standards and references.

It is a cohesive system of certifications. For this, in addition to the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) of the pharmaceutical sector, the Group has chosen to acquire specific ISO-certified quality systems. In particular: ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 22000 (for dietary supplements), ISO 22716 (for cosmetics), ISO 13485 (for medical devices).

Quality and Certifications


The importance of the human factor

Over 400 people contribute to the success of Zeta Farmaceutici Group.

We believe in every one of them and we are convinced that each one can make a difference. Because people have ideas, and they can transform these into successes. We are capable of listening to clients and dialoguing with them. They are the custodians of quality.

We treat people well, we appreciate them, we encourage them and reward their talent. But we expect commitment and responsibility.

We organise training. We devote time to relational competencies.

We promote workers’ health and safety through the OHSAS 18001 management system.


Short chain, shorter timing

The market requires fast responses. This is why our entire organisation is based on the flexibility of a “short chain” system. So the group can offer all the skills and operational autonomy to identify fast the solutions that the challenges of the market demand. From project to industrialisation; from manufacture to distribution: we know the problems of the client because they are part of our everyday


The environment – the home we share

We live and work in Italy, in the provinces of Vicenza and of Como. We are close to our territory. We breathe the air surrounding our businesses and we drink the water from the same sources. And so do our children. This is why we work to preserve the quality of the environment – home to all. And we have introduced the environmental management system ISO 14001 in all companies in the Group.


Making a profit, to make growth for all

The company has a social responsibility. It creates work and distributes wealth to shareholders, employees, agents, suppliers of goods and services and to the territory. To continue to do so in the future, the company must be profitable. This is why it is fundamental to constantly control expenses and income, and to preserve the margin. And this is also why we design and carry out programmes to improve our operating excellence.


History that ensures the future

We are building the future on the solid foundations of a family of businessmen and on a long history of business. “Family values” make us unique, because they enable us to look to tomorrow and to the day after with greater security. They help us operate taking the long view, and they support us through the more difficult strategic decisions.