16 Feb 2018 9:06 AM
  • Research & Development

For more than thirty years Zeta Farmaceutici has been researching and producing solar products with high quality formulas to ensure the most effective protection for adults and children.

From today, in addition to creams and solar milk, Zeta Farmaceutici has decided to produce sticks in-house. Not only the formulation, as in the past, but the whole production process of the sticks takes place in its own factories.

The first to be made has been the 50+ solar stick, a product that represented an important challenge for the entire Zeta Farmaceutici Research and Development team. The realization of anhydrous stick products, in fact, required a formulation and productive approach, a procedure of quality controls different from the already extensive know-how of our laboratories.

After an intensive and demanding study phase, with the development of different prototypes, the research laboratory was able to identify the best formulation structure in relation to safety, efficiency and pleasantness profiles. The selected prototype has undergone dermatological safety tests and specific tests to guarantee the SPF 50+. In addition, numerous consumer tests have been carried out to ensure the pleasantness of sensory qualities, which are very important characteristics for obtaining consumer approval.

The 50+ solar stick applies easily. Can be used all year round against UV rays. It has a very pleasant sensory formula, because it releases a light and transparent film on the skin, with an invisible touch that leaves no traces, but ensures high sun protection.