Our brands

Medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements: Zeta Farmaceutici Group brands are big names on the Italian pharmaceutical market

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Pharma CMO & Licensing

Financial solidity, innovation, flexibility, focus on the client. All reasons for choosing our contract manufacturing.

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The environment and people: we seek solutions that reduce environmental impact and we are involved in social, educational and cultural projects.

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Technological innovation, quality, safety: producing the best every day.

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Interested in selling our brands and products outside Italy?

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Pharma CMO

Why choose an industrial partner who is not just a contract manufacturer?


Find out why choosing Zeta Farmaceutici means safety, flexibility, innovation and so much more.


Zeta Farmaceutici Group knows your market and can help you at the concept stage, suggesting the best, most innovative solutions for formulas and packaging.

Financial Solidity

The diversification of Zeta Farmaceutici Group’s business ensures its solidity as a company, keeping your business safe.


Zeta Farmaceutici Group knows what it means to run out of stock. We are structured to respond to market fluctuations with constant rescheduling of our operations. We do it for ourselves. And we also do it for our industrial partners.

Focus on the client

In contract manufacturing the client is the end consumer. Our key objective, beyond meeting specifications, is for our end clients to be satisfied with our products, so that they will buy them again in the future. All to the advantage of our industrial partner.


We continually invest in technological innovation, with the constant goals of quality, safety and scrupulous compliance of certified procedures.

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an Italian Excellence since 1947


We are working to reduce consumption and emissions, promoting recycling of raw materials and protection of people’s health.


We are guided by values that prioritise the wellbeing of people, society and the environment. Since its beginnings, Zeta Farmaceutici has always taken part in numerous social, educational and cultural initiatives.


The final recognition of a process of continual improvement in pursuit of excellence in terms of quality, safety, safeguarding the environment and worker wellbeing.

Medical Devices

Our all-Italian industrial business comprises companies that specialise in the development, production and distribution of medical devices. With EN ISO 13485 quality system certification.


Al sole in sicurezza

Da sempre impegnati per la salute e il benessere della pelle, i nostri prodotti solari sono sinonimo di sicurezza, protezione, innovazione e responsabilità.

Fare del bene fa bene

Anche quest’anno abbiamo ricevuto da I Bambini delle Fate il prezioso attestato di riconoscimento per il nostro sostegno.

Oltre 20 anni dedicati alle pelli più sensibili

Correva l’anno 2001 quando lo staff di Zeta Farmaceutici sviluppava e lanciava sul mercato il primo prodotto della Linea Euphidra: Amidomio.