Producing the best, every day

Technological innovation, quality, safety, and excellence guide all our choices. A commitment that involves every division in our group’s company system through scrupulous compliance with various certified procedures.

A well-structured system of certifications that guarantee quality and safety to meet the needs and expectations of clients and consumers, in conformity with all the health standards in terms of quality, safety and the environment.

Our production philosophy embraces constant improvement also thank to our continual R&D and sustained technological innovation.

Our strategic objective: to always meet market expectations in a complex system of standards and laws.

Production lines

The success of Zeta Farmaceutici Group has always been based on the Italian flexible business model that offers innovative solutions, customized to meet different market needs.
In this selection of some of our lines we present the quality of a production system that focuses on innovation, specialisation and client-centric production.

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For Zeta Farmaceutici Group, certification is the ultimate recognition of a process that introduces management systems structured for continual improvement in the various different company sectors.  We constantly strive for excellence in the fields of quality, safety, production and environmental protection.


Authorisation by AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) to produce medicines for the group’s pharmaceutical laboratories.

EN ISO 9001

Integrated management system for the quality of the group’s plants.

EN ISO 22716

International quality standard for the production of cosmetics.

EN ISO 13485

Integrated management system for the quality of the group’s plants in the production of Medical Devices.

EN ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety certification.

EN ISO 14001

Management system for the coherent, efficient, sustainable control of the group’s environmental impact.

Probiotic vitality

Our probiotics are the only ones in Europe with CSQA certified probiotic vitality until their expiry date.

EN ISO 22000

International food quality and safety standard for the production of dietary supplements.