Our Group

We are a solid Italian industrial group made up of companies specialising in the development, production and distribution of medicines, cosmetics, dietary supplements, medical devices and medical-surgical devices/biocides.

The companies in the group are Zeta Farmaceutici, based in Sandrigo, in the province of Vicenza and Marco Viti Farmaceutici, in Mozzate, in the province of Como.

We make sure all our business functions are integrated: research and development, industrialisation, registration, production, control and release, and distribution. 

We have captured the most strategic market segments, creating successful brands in various areas: cosmetics, make-up, dietary supplements, probiotics and medicines.

We produce more than 50 million pieces a year, distributed and sold in over 30 countries. 

Our own-brand products are sold throughout Italy in more than 10,000 pharmacies and drugstores.


We continually invest in technological innovation, with the constant goals of quality, safety and scrupulous compliance of certified procedures.

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We firmly believe in the value of people: our employees, who give us their ideas and their commitment, and our clients, at the centre of our organisation.

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Our group’s headquarters and logistics centre. The plant has three divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics.

With two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements. On separate lines, the former also produces biocides (surgical-medical devices).

Visions and values

A business based on values and the ethics of industry

Every day we strive to improve people’s lives, basing our work on solid values.

We pursue strategic objectives that ensure constant growth, and at the same time always focus on people, clients, environmental sustainability and work quality.

We are proud to represent the value of “Made in Italy” in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and to express quality and innovation through our products.

Strategic objectives

Pharma CMO

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High quality


Service and flexibility

Client satisfaction


Making a profit so that everyone grows

◼ Turnover in millions of Euro

Every company must create work and distribute wealth to its collaborators, shareholders, agents, suppliers and the local area. We therefore need to create profitability, by constantly controlling costs and revenue, and preserve our margins. To do this, we draw up and follow programmes to improve our operational efficiency.

Over the years, our group has seen its turnover grow constantly thanks to diversification and an increase in production, both direct and contract.

Production in terms of UNITS

Production in units sorted by product category (in %)

Dietary Supplements
Pharmaceuticals, MD
Production in terms of VALUE

Percentage of total turnover produced by our brands and CMO

Own brands
Contract Manufacturing
A story that has looked to the future since 1947

Zeta Farmaceutici was set up more than seventy years ago in a pharmacy laboratory in Vicenza. 
We are still pharmacists in our DNA today and we are proud of our history, which has led us to build a big industrial group, but we are even prouder of what we will do in the future. 


February: Zeta Farmaceutici was founded in a pharmacy laboratory in Vicenza. A small business making galenic preparations that gradually grew.


It became an industrial business. Towards the end of the seventies the first sun products were produced.


The birth of Zeta Farmaceutici S.p.A. Innovative products like face creams or natural personal hygiene lines were developed.


The birth of the EuPhidra brand. The cosmetics and pharmaceutical divisions were separated. EuPhidra quickly became one of the leading brands in pharmacies and drugstores.


Hair dyes were sold for the first time in pharmacies. The EuPhidra hair programme was completed with the introduction of shampoo, conditioner and treatment lines.


With our Prolife brand we were one of the first to bring probiotics into pharmacies and drugstores. Another successful debut and new development for the pharmaceutical market.


A new line of cleansers: effective and at the same extremely delicate for sensitive skins.


The birth of EuPhidra make-up. Great performance backed by high quality and safety. 


Launch of AmidoMio, the line made from rice starch: effective and at the same extremely delicate for sensitive, more delicate skins.


Zeta Farmaceutici took over Marco Viti Farmaceutici, a historic pharmaceutical company in Lombardy. This led to the formation of the Zeta Farmaceutici Group.


A new storage and distribution warehouse. Expansion of the cosmetics division.  Reorganisation of the dietary supplement division and the powder and tablet department. New cortisone department.


Inauguration of the group’s new management headquarters, which joins production, logistics and research.


The founding of Marco Viti.


The company shifted its business to the production of lanolin and petroleum jelly.


Diversification of production: medicinal specialities joined galenic preparations.


Marco Viti became a limited company, expanding and diversifying the scope of its activity with the research, development and production of medicinal specialities, hygiene products, sanitary products, cosmetics, OTC medicines and medical-surgical devices.


Start of construction of the new headquarters in Mozzate, in the province of Como.


Marco Viti was bought by Carlo Erba OTC.


It was acquired by Zeta Farmaceutici S.p.A. Start of production of dietary supplements in the form of granules in sachets.


Inauguration of the department for the production of softgel dietary supplements.


Renovation of the granules in sachets department, with the aim of increasing production capacity.