The environment

Objectives, philosophy

We constantly strive to improve our production processes, reducing consumption and emissions
We are committed to finding solutions to reduce our environmental impact, recycle raw materials and protect people’s health.

Our objectives are ambitious, but we are determined to defend the environment we live in and preserve it for future generations.

  • In 2020, we started a five-year decarbonisation plan that will see renewal of our heat-generating systems with new technologies guaranteeing savings of 100,000 Nm3 of gas a year, equal to 30% of our needs.
  • At the same time, we started installation of photovoltaic systems for the generation of clean energy that will allow us to produce about 900,000 Kwh, the equivalent of 20% of our total needs. 
  • This five-year plan will lead to total savings of some 825 tonnes of emissions of carbon dioxide.
-30% cubic metres of gas per unit produced
900,000 Wh
self-produced energy
Goals achieved

Performance index

We have measured our environmental achievements in relation to our production volume in order to arrive at an objective Performance Index.


Thanks to our energy streamlining, even with higher production levels our consumption has remained constant, with a 20% improvement in our Performance Index for electricity and an average 34% improvement for gas.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Comparing our consumption to the quantity of units produced, we have achieved a 26% improvement in our performance index.


Comparing our consumption to the quantity of units produced, we have achieved an 11% improvement in our performance index.


We have also streamlined our waste production, improving our Performance Index by 25%.


Attention to our wastewater production increased our Performance Index by 28%. 


Procedures put in place regarding packaging have already resulted in a 4.5% improvement.
10% less plastic used for our tubes and bottles.

Projects underway

Attention to safeguarding the environment concerns the entire production process, because even the smallest details can lead to streamlining that, on a large scale, ensures an important decrease in pollution values.

Reduction of consumption of raw materials for cosmetics with a high impact on the environment and on human health
  • Management of a new hazard class for endocrine disruptors
  • Risk Management extended to avoid the presence of substances that impact health and the environment
  • If there are alternatives do not use raw materials that impact health and the environment
  • Greater safeguarding of workers’ health
  • Attention to PFAs and microplastics in cosmetics
Design of new cosmetic formulas according to Eco-Design strategies and increase in aspects linked to supply of raw materials.
  • Absence of certain raw materials and ingredients such as silicones, mineral oils, petroleum jelly oil, and microplastics
  • Prefer raw materials with a lower environmental impact; biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative and with no aquatic toxicity
  • Prefer raw materials from controlled, responsibly managed, certified supply chains
Reduced packaging
  • Minimisation of packaging materials
  • Use of devices and methods for dispensing the product that have environmentally friendly characteristics (for example, design of products with refills)
  • Use of packaging in biodegradable material, totally recycled plastic and with a high percentage of recycled materials, all easy to take apart to make separate waste disposal easy
  • Packaging in material with environmental certification, e.g. FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.