an Italian Excellence since 1947


We are working to reduce consumption and emissions, promoting recycling of raw materials and protection of people’s health.


We are guided by values that prioritise the wellbeing of people, society and the environment. Since its beginnings, Zeta Farmaceutici has always taken part in numerous social, educational and cultural initiatives.


The final recognition of a process of continual improvement in pursuit of excellence in terms of quality, safety, safeguarding the environment and worker wellbeing.

Medical Devices

Our all-Italian industrial business comprises companies that specialise in the development, production and distribution of medical devices. With EN ISO 13485 quality system certification.


Zeta Farmaceutici’s commitment to energy streamlining has led to considerable optimisation in the use of electricity (20% less consumption, according to our Performance Index), gas (down by 34%) and a general reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Supply chain

We offer a high level of personalisation and a “short supply chain” that guarantees rapid deliveries, quality, reactivity and the capacity to adapt to each and every need.


A business made up of different companies that share the same values and the same production philosophy, our aim being to deliver products that are always made to the highest pharmaceutical and industrial standards.

Health & Safety

For Zeta Farmaceutici health and safety in the workplace is a long-term commitment that entails the development of corporate policies and the implementation of new technologies to support our workers.


We pursue strategic objectives based on quality and innovation, which ensure continual growth and represent the strength of “Made in Italy” in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals


We put at the disposal of those who choose to distribute our brands our in-depth knowledge of pharmacy and retail dynamics, attention to the needs of different markets, and a wide assortment of continually improved products.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy: we are proudly Italian and for this reason we prioritise quality, innovation and consumer protection.

Standards and laws

Our production philosophy sees constant innovation to meet client and consumer expectations, in compliance with health standards regarding quality, safety, and the environment.


We pursue strategic objectives that ensure constant growth, with simultaneous constant focus on people, clients, environmental sustainability, and work quality.


We believe in the people who work with us and we care about the wellbeing of their 450 families. We expect commitment and responsibility and at the same time guarantee our appreciation, respect, and safe comfortable workplaces.


One of our strategic objectives is to identify and obtain a suitable level of quality by being highly attentive to new market trends in order to offer cutting-edge solutions


At the base of our growth lies a long-term commitment to technological innovation, to improve our products, create new ones and optimise production processes, reducing our environmental impact.


Zeta Farmaceutici was set up in 1947 in a small laboratory in Vicenza. Long years of commitment and hard work have turned us into an industrial group with so much history still left to write.


Our group has two industrial sites with cutting-edge production lines and machinery, equipped with suitable quality control laboratories for all our products.


Zeta Farmaceutici is one of a kind, because, despite having evolved into a business, it stays true to its origins as pharmacists always attentive to all client and consumer needs.


We have created a business based on values and the ethics of industry. Every day we strive to improve people’s lives, basing our work on a shared vision.

Zeta Farmaceutici

A solid Italian industrial group specialising in the development, production and distribution of medicines, cosmetics, dietary supplements, medical devices and biocides.